The work environment around high performers, is often creating an atmosphere of being invulnerable and having infinite personal resources, to keep up the high work speed and handling the pressure without breaking a sweat.

High performers are less prone to notice and to speak about their health, and because of this they have a higher mortality rate than the average population.

Furthermore, the work environment may contribute to, that relevant symptoms of stress or illness are being pushed aside and not properly addressed in time.

So how to make high performers care about their health?

Well, top CEOs, athletes and military special forces are already doing it.

Not because they are a bunch of softies.

On the contrary.

They must perform at their best every single time.

That make the quality of rest crucial in order to be clear minded at the next engagement.

Performing mindlessly without any concern of your own physical balance and need of rest, will not help you cope with high performance pressure over a longer period.

Furthermore, heart disease, poor sleep, and a higher occurence of depression and substance abuse, are all potentail risks inviting most career people to care for their own health, when they are called for it.

The intervention that makes high performers healthier

In my course “Health for high performers” the employees are invited for a health talk and an anonymous digital health screenings test at the beginning of the course. They are being taught about high performance and health, as a motivation for doing the programme. And they are invited to a personal health dialogue to share their concerns.

The intervention is a digital science-based audio program with mental training exercises, which the employee can access, whenever it is needed and he or she can finish the program in their own pace.

To keep motivated through the program stats is collected (private to the user), of how long they do the mental training (recommended at least 8 minutes a day for effect), and how their sleep and possibly other health symptoms respond to the training.

At the end of the course the employees are invited to another personal health dialogue, and to a talk about how to optimise health and performance in the future.

The leader is given an average of all the tests scores before and after as an anonymous health status of the team or organisation, and as a marker of the effect of the intervention.

Why is this important?

We are all humans, and deep down every one of us know, if we right now are overriding our physiological systems and displacing our balance.

We may ignore it for quite some time, but eventually the symptoms of deprivation will be too visible to ignore, and the result (as it is seen in some cases) will be stroke, heart disease or cognitive dysfunctions.

You are welcome to contact me at telephone 21775774 or for further information of the course and how it can help your team and organisation to stay healthy and high performing.

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