“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”

Perhaps you encountered this quote, usually attributed to Albert Einstein.

What do you think about it then?

Does it make you reflect for a moment?

Or did you go “yeah! clap clap, oh, whatever, I continue to do, what I know best”?

This world is facing enormous problems, and we are beating the same old horse.

Furthermore, we are straining our mental system to the verge of a breakdown.

Our analytical, mental system is just a tool, it cannot redeem our whole life

As a critic of the great, German, philosopher Kant, a story of a woman is told. She lives completely to fulfill her duty, according to Kant’s prescriptions. But the meaning of life and relations escapes her, and she ends up committing suicide.

Gloomy stuff, I am sorry about that.

My point is that you cannot analyze yourself to joy or to love.

A new mindset

We are all capable of making this inner shift.

In the literature it is called being-mode as oppose to doing-mode.

And it is vital to our health and the quality of our lives, that we allow ourselves to invite our ability to feel and love in.

There is no sufficient substitute, I am afraid to say.

If you dare, you can begin with asking yourself these questions:

  • what is more important, my work or my health?
  • what is the most important moment of my life?

You see?

You cannot derive an answer to these questions from pure analysis.

There is no right or wrong.

The answer (if there is one) comes from looking inwards and contacting your “gut feeling”.

You will not gain anything from answering either, except for knowing yourself a little closer.

This state of being is very different from our analytical mindset, but it is of vital importance to balance the two.

If you succeed in doing so, the result will be to live and experience a life of purpose and clarity, and a brand-new mindset, we appropriately can name: “the right thing to do”.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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